The Lights Out Blues Band

The 4's Sports Pub, Framingham Oct 27, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Steve Yozell 

Jimmy Lavezzo Memorial Clambake - Natick AmVets Sept 16 2017

photoe courtesy of Steve Yozell

Jim Atkinson at Angry Hams's Garage

Photoe Courtesy of Judy Steiner

Gary Bernath at the Hooley House

Photo Courtesy of Vicki Dunn

Gary Bernath Club 39 Stuio

Phote courtesy of Vicki Dunn 

Clay Brown Natick AmVets 

 Photo courtesy of Steve Yozell

Gary Bernath at the Next Page

Phote Courtesy of Valerie Mine

 phote courtesy of Vicki Dunn

Photography Courtesy of Bill Wilson

First Blues Jam at the House Of Blues Foundation Room